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Employee Benefit Management

At CBI, we provide corporations, non-profits and municipalities with the most cost-effective executive and employee benefit plans as well as offer HR support and management services. 


We can evaluate your company’s goals and needs, then develop an employee benefits program that maximizes profitability while addressing the crucial need for competitive benefit plans to retain valuable employees. Our rigorous, data-driven approach provides accountability, transparency, and flexibility through a truly CONSULTATIVE approach.

  • Benfit Plan Feedback
    Intensive benefit plan design, review, analysis, and proper placement.
  • Trend Analysis
    We offer access to the nation’s largest health-plan benchmarking survey, representing the latest in employee benefit trends and strategies.
  • Medical Claims Analysis & Population Health Management
    Risks and behaviors that affect chronic conditions can dramatically drive-up benefit costs. CBI develops regular reporting for key measurements that offer insight into your employee population’s general health status.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Analysis
    We help you navigate pharmacy benefits and establish a cost-effective solution that fits your company’s needs.
  • HR Assistance and On-going Support
    CBI can act as an extension of your HR department, providing a specialized array of personalized services. Interactive, state-of-the-art online tools facilitate employee enrollment, employee/HR communications, and plan management and compliance.
  • Voluntary Employee Benefits
    A company-endorsed voluntary benefits program is a great way to improve a benefits package, helping to attract and retain valued employees. We help you develop an employee-paid voluntary benefits program that is cost neutral to you while providing your employees with additional offerings to protect their person and families interest.
  • Compliance
    Compliance, compliance, compliance! We are forever keeping your company on track with regulatory and compliance consulting through web-based tools that allow access to a compliance library as well as timely information on action items. This includes access to legal experts for advice on any compliance and ERISA concerns.
  • Education
    True EDUCATIONAL approach to employee benefit discussions. Most employees can read and follow a typical benefit summary, but our goal is making sure they understand how their benefits work and how pairing certain offerings can maximize their protection. This provides a comfort level and true appreciation from your employees.
  • Program Implementation
    Implementation and proper execution of wellness programs to increase employee utilization and company profitability
  • Enrollment Systems
    Preparation, assistance and training with Benefit Admin enrollment systems and portals. This plays directly in hand with plan management through value-added tech platforms with enrollment tools.
  • Small Groups
    Small Group Options-Such as PEO’s and small group association program offerings

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