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CBI Insurance is a local, independent agency which provides tailored, personalized insurance at a price that matches your budget and your needs. Our agents will take time to know and understand your insurance needs and offer solutions to insure the proper coverage for some of the most important things in your life. The benefit to working with CBI is we can compare your current policies with multiple carriers, saving money, aggravation and time. With CBI, there are no 1-800 numbers and no wait times; we offer guaranteed personal service 24/7.

High Value Homeowners

​CBI offers concierge level service and fully customizable insurance policies to meet each unique high value client we insure. Our high value coverage could include coverage for your primary and secondary residences, private collections of jewelry, art or furs, cyber security and even family shield protection. We ensure that if you and your family were ever to incur a loss that your home and property is completely covered and that you will be provided with sufficient additional living expenses if displaced from your home.

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Homeowners & Condominium

A well-written homeowner’s policy will cover you and your family in the event of a loss from a variety of perils. It is easy to buy a homeowners policy that is not sufficient for you and your family, CBI ensures that the coverage we are providing covers your home, your personal property and liability coverage in the event of personal injury on your property. We can walk you through each coverage necessary in a proper homeowner’s policy


If not properly insured and you are involved in an accident and at fault for another driver or passenger’s bodily injury or property damage you could lose everything if not properly insured. Having great coverage is essential in today’s world, although many people think that having higher liability coverage means higher premiums it is not true. We will advise you with the proper limits and deductibles personalized to your needs and your automobiles.

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Personal Articles

Many insureds do not think of insuring the additional valuables inside their home. CBI can provide you and your family with additional coverage for the valuables in your life. These items are also no subject to a deductible. Items to consider adding to a personal articles policy include but are not limited to the following, Artwork, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Golf Equipment, Wine, and silverware.


At CBI we believe every insured should have an umbrella. You do not need to be a millionaire to be sued like one. An Umbrella provides additional liability coverage from your homeowners and automobile insurance. An Umbrella policy offers a peace of mind for you and your family. An Umbrella policy is also sometimes broader than your typical homeowners or auto policy. We offer umbrella policies from $1,000,000- $10,000,000 and are happy to discuss which limits suits your situation best.

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